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When Elena chose to be with Damon at the end of Season four, Lexi assured Stefan that Elena was and always will be his epic love. Throughout Season Five and Season Six, Stefan and Elena are able to accomplish a close friendship and are comfortable enough to ask each other for relationship advice. In the beginning of Season 6, Julie Plec stated. Дневники вампира 5x18.По - моему мнению, самый трогательный момент в 5 сезоне The Vampire Diaries 5x18. In my opinion, the most touching.

Credit: The CW The Vampire Diaries The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers: Stefan and Elena's Love Story Is Far From Over March 26, 2014 by Kayti Burt 0 Shares Advertisement The Vampire. The Vampire Diaries (season 5) Jump to Elena and Stefan are forced to help Nadia to enact her plan after Nadia threw Matt in the safe which Stefan spent the.

Elena and Stefan will have some steamy dreams about each other when episode 18 of The Vampire Diaries airs on The CW at 8 p.m. EDT on April 17. 'Vampire Diaries' Season 5 Spoilers: Paul. The Elena, Damon and Stefan love triangle on The Vampire Diaries has always been complicated, and it's going to get worse in the second half of season 5. Fans of the CW series are well. 'Vampire Diaries' star and director Paul Wesley talks about Stefan's future with Caroline and Elena. referring to Resident Evil, Season 5 TVLINE | Stefan's fake proposal to Elena.

At the end of Season 6, when star Nina Dobrev left the show and Elena was put in a temporary sleep, Delena (Elena and Damon) seemed to be endgame. Through her relationship with Stefan, Elena. Are you sick of talking about which lucky lady will get to call Stefan Salvatore her own in TVD Season 6? Ha, of course you're not. Ever since Stefan and Elena broke up way back when, no one's. Credit: The CW © 2013 The CW Network The Vampire Diaries What Happened to Stefan in The Vampire Diaries Season 4? May 23, 2013 by Jenny McGrath 0 Shares Advertisement It was a long, strange. Elena Gilbert is the epitome of a fulfilled life. Stefan: Because I'm so much worse when I don't. The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Quotes Stefan and Elena start having sex dreams about each other in the next episode 'Resident Evil' The Vampire Diaries/Facebook There is some good news ahead for Stelena Fans in the Vampire Diaries.

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RELATED | The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers — Elena, Katherine and Amara Scene It's the elephant in the room, describes Nina Dobrev during a TVLine visit to the show's Atlanta set. Elena tried to make Stefan feel something, anything - Season 3 Episode 14; Stefan escapes the tomb - Season 2 Episode 11; Future human Stelena visions - Season 5 Episode 18; Stefan comforts Elena when Alaric dies - Season 3 Episode 20; The Vampire Diaries finale airs Friday at 8/7c on The C Fans were devastated when Damon was killed off on the Season 5 finale of 'The Vampire Diaries' on May 15, but his death means the return of his equally hot brother Stefan! And with two vampire. The Vampire Diaries: Could Elena And Stefan Get Back Together? We know that Jeremy will be leaving soon (the actor will be leaving the show later this season), and that will most likely leave. Season 5 begins with Elena and Caroline moving into a dorm at nearby Whitmore College and looking forward to a normal freshman experience. Elena, free of her sire bond to Damon, professes her true love to him with no strings attached as her first love in Mystic Falls, Stefan, listened in the next room

Elena and Stefan (Also known as Stelena) Trivia. Damon, Stefan and Elena have all been antagonists at one point in the series. Damon was the main antagonist for the first half of Season One and Eight. Stefan was the main antagonist for the first half of Season Three and the second chapter of Season Eight Along with her Aunt Jenna, Elena looks after her troubled younger brother, Jeremy. The day is a struggle for Elena until she meets the mysterious new kid at school, Stefan. As their connection grows deeper, Stefan's dangerous older brother, Damon, shows up to wreak havoc—and claim Elena for himself

'The Vampire Diaries' Series Finale: Who Did Elena End Up With? who should Elena be with, Stefan or Damon? In the Season 8 finale, which was the series finale for the drama starring Nina. Home Community TV Shows Vampire Diaries Elena And Stefan FOREVER. Elena And Stefan FOREVER on season 5 episodes with alternate Stelena endings. Updated: 2/5.

# Stefan And Elena Season 5 Youtube # Stefan And Elena Season 5 Youtube # Catatan Galau Remaja # Avicii Feeling Good Video Youtube # Mata Batin Full Movie # Caragood Com # Film Barat Seperti Fifty Shades Of Grey # Jakarta Vs Everybody # Film Mohabbatein Full Movie Subtitle # Youtube Film Horor Terowongan Casabla.. 'The Vampire Diaries' season 5 spoilers: Paul Wesley on Stefan dealing with Elena, Damon Paul Wesley , The CW , The Vampire Diaries March 30, 2014 The Vampire Diaries is a show that has long relief on a few simple things: Vampires, violence, and romance Season 5 in novel format! Keeping it completely in canon & how the story might naturally progress. For instance, Bonnie's a ghost. Stefan's underwater. Jeremy's alive living with Damon. Damon & Elena are happily together. I am taking some artistic licensing to add more suspense/ romance. Begins in the fall with Elena & Caroline at college The Vampire Diaries returns to The CW Thursday night and fans are wondering what is next for Stefan and Elena. Spoilers for this week's installment, entitled Resident Evil, indicated that fans of the Stefan-Elena duo will love the what-if scenes, according to TV Guide

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  1. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: SEASON 5! The episode number is not yet confirmed. Day 1 in the writers room for TVD Season Five: April 15, 2013. According to Julie Plec, Silas should be present in Season Five. A few new characters will be introduced this season. After graduation, Elena, Jeremy.
  2. Is the love triangle on The Vampire Diaries season 5 now officially back? We understand that there are going to be some people out there who feel like the entirely show is really all about Damon, Elena, and Stefan, and in some ways it is
  3. The Vampire Diaries season 5 penultimate episode Promised Land aired last night and set us up for one jaw-dropping finale! Liv and Luke try to kill Stefan/Elena but their magic is sputtering.
  4. Stefan & Lexi when Elena turned her humanity back on and was no longer sired to Damon Stefan with Lexi - Elena IS the love of his life still. He will always forgive her. There will always be HOPE for Stelena - that's what they're all about. Favorite person ever! See mor

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stelena stefan salvatore elena gilbert the vampire diaries dobsley paul wesley nina dobrev stefan x elena elena x stefan tvd anti-tvd anti julie plec anti caroline dries stelena season 5 stelena 5x01 stelena 5x02 stelena 5x03 stelena 5x04 stelena 5x06 stelena 5x11 stelena 5x18 long pos The Vampire Diaries season 5 finale, Home aired tonight and it lead to a very, very intriguing ending for our favorite characters.. Death for everyone!-Caroline shows Elena and Damon Stefan. 'Vampire Diaries' Season 5: When Will Everyone Find Out Stefan's Secret? But Elena makes him promise he'll give it a go and stick it out, so he struggles. How do you think Stefan will be.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES continues for another season of epic romance, suspense and a bloody good thrill ride. The hit series enters its fifth season with some characters headed off to college, a newly cured vampire trying to survive as a human and a shocking Salvatore secret Stefan gives Elena a daylight ring, which was made by Bonnie, in order to protect Elena from the sun. Stefan tries to assure Elena that everything will be okay and that they'll take Elena's newborn vampirism one day at a time. During the second episode of season 4, Stefan tries to help Elena cope with her hunger for human blood The series finale of 'The Vampire Diaries' is near, but we'll always remember these great moments from the show's eight seasons on The CW. out of sleeping Elena this season, it turned Stefan. Unlike most of the characters at the end of season 5, Damon did not make it back from the other side with Bonnie before it collapsed. Elena spent months in a deep depression and high off of some magic stuff from Liv's brother that allowed her to h..

All 7 songs featured in The Vampire Diaries season 5 epsiode 21: Promised Land, with scene descriptions. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Quotes. All I know is that right now I wanna rip your clothes off right here in the middle of this hall and throw you in one of these classrooms and kiss every square. At Elena's request, Damon comes up with an effective method to get Wes to answer his questions. At the party, Elena finds that she and Aaron have a lot in common, and Caroline grows more concerned about Jesse. Meanwhile, Katherine does a favor for Matt and manages to get through to Stefan, who is still struggling to overcome the events of the. The season 6 of The Vampire Diaries may show the brewing tension between Caroline and Elena because of their love triangle with Stefan. The executive producer of the show opened up on what fans can expect on the next season of The Vampire Diaries. There will be a tension building between. Just that Stefan leaves Elena (who turns from human to vampire, then she dies and comes back as an angel) because he wants to spend his life with Elena as a human. He is basically tricked, but Damon and Elena's friends help her and they get back together. In the TV series: I think, within a few episodes, Elena-Stefan will definitely patch up

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Elena and Stefan in when Stefan spills the beans about Elena having Alaric compel her memories away. Its sad not to see elena love damon Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev Elena and Stefan like stelena will probably never happen again Elena and Stefan in 6x04 when Stefan spills the beans about Elena having Alaric compel her memories away. See mor The new poster of The Vampire Diaries hints that Stefan and Elena will be back together next season, while poor Caroline is reported to be dead. The latest The Vampire Diaries season 6 spoilers suggest that there will be new pairings next season. The new promotional poster of the sixth season of.

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Do you think it would be too forced/quick if Stefan and Elena end up together? I'm a huge Stelena fan but it would seem weird for them to somehow.. The Vampire Diaries Seasons 1-5 Quiz. In Season 1, Stefan tries to compel ____ in the hospital. Matt In Season 4, which original runs Elena and Matt off the. Season five of 'The Vampire Diaries' was the craziest ever, so we don't blame you if you're a little lost. Here are 6 things you need to know before the season six premiere! Elena and Stefan. Stefan: So Silas was the first version of me and your friend was the first version of Elena? Qetsiyah: Amara was hardly a friend.When they drank the immortality elixir, they violated the natural law that all living things must die, so nature found a balance by creating mortal shadow selves

Season 1. Elena, still empty after losing her parents, begins to fit back into school. She meets a mysterious new student named Stefan Salvatore. They connect instantly, and begin dating. She meets his older and malevolent brother, Damon. After researching, Elena realizes Stefan was alive in 1953 Visit Tunefind for music from your favorite TV shows and movies. All 5 songs featured in The Vampire Diaries season 6 epsiode 22: I'm Thinking Of You, with scene.

Caroline has had the hots for Stefan since the first season, but Stefan only had eyes for Elena. After Caroline was turned into a vampire in Season 2, he became the Obi-Wan to her Luke After centuries of quarreling, Stefan and Damon Salvatore return to their original town of Mystic Fall Virginia. Stefan, the selfless, brave, guilt ridden brothers meets a high school girl named Elena Gilbert who he instantly falls in love with

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Damon and Elena went to the Other Side to save Stefan, but only one came back alive on The Vampire Diaries season 5 finale Home. With Stefan (Paul Wesley) dead, it was all hands on deck to. For one thing, the promotional poster already hinted that Elena Gilbert [Nina Dobrev] and Stefan Salvatore [Paul Wesley] will be back together [they are holding hands], but our sources now add that Elena and Stefan will be the show's endgame - in other words, they're the ones who will end up together by the end of the season, especially. It always confused me how Stefan and Elena weren't witches too. If Katherine could access magic after being turned human why could neither one of them do it? For that matter, Elena was still human until 18 so if she had magic lineage shouldn't that have awakened before she was ever turned in the first place

UGH I sure hope elena ends up with stefan at any season after season 4, I dont really agree her in what she told damon in season finale nor the part she choses damon i dont really think they're meant for each other because how is that possible that after she chosed STEFAN at the last episode in S3 and like after 5episodes she realized she loves damon, like God stefan and her has really. If we were going to kill him, it had to have been in Season 4. You can't do it in Season 8. It was really between Damon and Stefan. in that one little moment she propped Stefan up for Elena. Season 5 Episode 4. Editor's Rating 5 stars * * * * * « Previous Next » The Vampire Diaries Stefan had his memory wiped and in an attempt to help him get it back Elena took Stefan (us all. The season 4 finale was arguably the most heartbroken Stefan ever was. After a season of debating the sire bond and Elena's feelings for Damon, Stefan learned that Elena did, in fact, love his. 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 5, episode 20 recap: The cabin in the woods While Elena and Stefan hope that Damon will give up and forget about Enzo like he did.

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Metacritic TV Reviews, The Vampire Diaries - Season 5, In this adaptation of the L.J. Smith book series, vampire brothers battle for the heart of a mortal teenaged girl named Elena Gilbert... I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING! All rights go to the CW. If you liked my video, please press like and subscribe to my channel. And you can also leave comments, .\r\r\r\rTUNE IN FOR NEW EPISODE OF VAMPIRE DIARIES- only on CW Thursdays at 8/7c I don't really recall Damon dying, unless you're thinking of the season 5 finale where he and Elena blew up the travellers, but was unable to get to Bonnie (who was the anchor) in time to come back from the other side. He and Bonnie were transported to the 1994 Prison World when the Other Side collapsed thanks to Grams' magic

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Imagine Elena waking up from her magical sleep forgetting everything that had happened since meeting Stefan and Damon. Boy, would that have rebooted the show! Or if Elena really started falling for Damon during the events of season one. That would have been interesting, and most likely caused a lot of drama in all parts of the fanbase I dont really care about stefan to much. his story line is boring. i think elena, damon and jeremy have the most interesting story lines. I think damon and elena is basically what makes the show. I think now damon and elena will have to work as a team to help stefan who will be out of control The Vampire Diaries fans have been divided in the case of Elena's romance. While one section wants Elena to be with Stefan, Elena-Damon relationship, too, have a lot of takers. And sneak peeks from the upcoming episode show that Elena is also confused about her feelings for the Salvatore brothers

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Season 5 begins with Elena and Caroline moving into a dorm at nearby Whitmore College and looking forward to a normal freshman experience. Elena, free of her sire bond to Damon, professes her true love to him with no strings attached as her first love in Mystic Falls, Stefan, listened in the next room Elena, Damon, and Stefan are all captured by Katherine at the end of The Fury. Elena kissed Damon in the season finale titled As I lay dying her is the scene I know you love Stefan and that. The Vampire Diaries - Season 5, Episode 2. Wallpaper and background images in the Stefan & Elena club tagged: photo the vampire diaries stefan salvatore tvd season 5 elena gilbert elena & stefan stelena 'Vampire Diaries': Elena Makes Her Choice, a Big Death and Game-Changing Twists. What a way to cap off a season. Not only did Elena force Stefan to save her friend Matt, but Dr. Meredith Fell. The Vampire Diaries season 6 episode guide on TV.com. Watch all 22 The Vampire Diaries episodes from season 6,view pictures, and Elena learns the truth about what Stefan has really been up.

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‎Get ready for more epic thrills and romance in the seventh season of The Vampire Diaries. After saying an emotional goodbye to Elena Gilbert, some characters will recover while others falter and Bonnie, in particular, will explore her new lease on life. As Damon and Stefan's mother, Lily (guest sta While at a taping for the upcoming CBS sitcom this week, Dobrev's former Vampire Diaries co-star, Paul Wesley, sat front row without her knowing

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'The Vampire Diaries' Season 6 Finale Recap: Goodbye, Elena. Mandi Bierly. admittedly seemed almost as awkward as the motorcycle ride Stefan and Elena shared when she first became a vampire WHOA: Elena Would Have Ended Up With Stefan at the End of TVD if Not for This One Thing. The writers originally planned a completely different ending. TVD Season 5 Bloopers Fans Want A Second Season Of 'All American'The CW's President Mark Pedowitz was asked about the show's fate during the TCA Press Tour, and he explained that the decision whether or not to renew will come at a later date Posts about stefan and elena written by IC88. Last night was the season 5 premiere of The Vampire Diariesthe gang is in college (and by gang I mean Elena and Caroline)but the drama is pretty much the same 'Vampire Diaries' Season 5 Episode 15 Spoilers: Stefan Still Has Feelings for Elena; Will Katherine Leave for Good? The Vampire Diaries returned on Thursday after a brief hiatus, and episode 14 of season 5 saw Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) hitting the road to save Damon (Ian Somerhalder), who has been infected with Dr Wes' virus

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Stefan: But centuries before that, she was just an innocent girl who was shunned by her family, so for 500 years, she lied and manipulated and did whatever she had to do survive, and she did. She's a survivor, right. So that's the girl that I will drink to today. Cheers. Elena: Can I just hate her anyway? Stefan: You can. Elena: Thank you Season 4 has thrown a lot of changes at these characters. Elena now loves Damon, not Stefan. Bonnie is dead. Jeremy was dead and is alive again Elena and Caroline go off to college, while Silas tightens his grip over the people of Mystic Falls in 'The Vampire Diaries' season 5 premiere: 'I Know What You Did Last Summer.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Finale Recap: Come Back to Me. By Rebecca Serle. This would be a repeated theme last night — Elena not really giving a shit about Stefan. But I was okay with it. With Season 5 boasting The Vampire Diaries' biggest cliffhanger to date — and yes, I'm counting the time that Elena (Nina Dobrev) was turned into a vampire — fans have spent every single day.

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  1. Season 5 of the supernatural drama, based on the novels by L.J. Smith, begins with Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Caroline (Candice Accola) moving into a dorm at nearby Whitmore College and looking.
  2. In Which Season Did The Vampire Diaries Quality Start to Drop? (POLL) the character assassination of Stefan. Season 4 just reeked of desperation on the show-runners. choosing Season 4 or 5.
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  4. Promised Land. Season 5, Episode 21. May 8, 2014. Stefan and Elena become stranded in a remote location, after escaping from Markos, and he gets philosophical about her relationship with Damon
  5. Vampire Diaries Season 5 [Spoiler]: Elena's Breakup Sex with Damon and Sneak Peek Video of Episode 17 'Rescue Me' Caroline and Enzo are on a mission to find the doppelganger of Stefan who is.
  6. The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural horror romance television series created by Kevin Williamson based on the novels of the same name by author L. J. Smith.It was officially picked up for the 2009-10 season on May 19, 2009

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Stefan: So, uh, what's up? Elena: Honestly, Stefan, I just wanted to thank you for sticking by me when I was at my worst, for believing that I was still in there. Even after everything I put you through, you... you never gave up on me While there is a strong chance that Candice King will appear in The Originals Season 5, the same cannot be said for Paul Wesley. The actor, who played Stefan Salvatore for eight seasons on parent show The Vampire Diaries, has spoken out about the chances of reprising his role Will Stefan and Elena get back together in season 3? In Season 4.01, when Elena, Stefan and Rebekah are all locked in cells. Elena tells him that she picked him. share with friends After saying an emotional goodbye to Elena Gilbert, some characters will recover while others falter. As Damon and Stefan's mother, Lily (guest star Annie Wersching), tries to drive a wedge between the Salvatore brothers, hope remains that Stefan and Caroline's love story is tough enough to survive The Vampire Diaries - Season 1 Soundtrack, find the complete list of songs from the tv show, The Vampire Diaries, with scene descriptions, sorted by episode. Download & listen to the music, ost, list of songs & score

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  1. 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 3 Finale Recap: Elena Makes Her Choice. Did anyone else think that underwater scene between Elena and Stefan was a little weird? It felt like Stefan gave in too.
  2. The Vampire Diaries returns on Thursday in a brand new episode where it appears Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore get kidnapped by Markos after they took an impromptu ski trip to flee from The Travelers trying to kill them last week. The newest episode is called Promised Land, and will follow.
  3. 'Vampire Diaries' Season 5 Spoilers: Damon, Stefan and Elena Go on a Skip Trip to Hide from the Travellers, Watch Promo Video for Episode 20 Titled 'What Lies Beneath
  4. Season 5 Episode Elena and Stefan S5 Ep4 For Whom the Bell Tolls - Elena & Stefan See more. Stefan Salvatore Vampire Diaries The Originals Vampire Diaries Cast Paul.
  5. d this season; Jeremy on season 5; Season 5 poster of Silas; Season 5.

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  1. Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers What Will Happen In The Elena: Stefan and Elena in episode 13, Total Eclipse of the Heart. Vampire Diaries fans cant deny that things have been awkward between Stefan and Elena ever since Scandal Season 3 Spoilers: What Happened In The Midseason Finale? There is not Elena and Stefan back together, for the moment
  2. Season 5 ends with Damon trying to stop the disintegration of the Other Side. Meanwhile, Elena takes matters into her own hands and demands that Liv and Luke help her; and Markos uses violence against Tyler/Julian to prove that Mystic Falls is under the control of the Travelers
  3. g season of The Originals. Even before she decided to run the show for season 5, the massive requests to see Delena once more on another project have been nonstop

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  1. The Damon-Elena relationship ended in The Vampire Diaries season 5, episode 10 Fifty Shades of Grayson making Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) single and free. Will Elena run back to the arms of Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) who has been sharing some tender moments with Katherine Pierce (also Nina Dobrev)
  2. What are the chances of her character Elena rekindling her romance with Stefan even though she's in love with Damon. Two and Half MenWeeknights at 5 & 6:30 p.m
  3. The Vampire Diaries, an American supernatural drama, was officially renewed by The CW for a full 22-episode season on February 16, 2010. The first episode premiered on September 9, 2010, at 8 p.m. ET
  4. Watch Series - The Vampire Diaries - Season 1 - As the school year begins, Elena Gilbert is immediately drawn to a handsome and mysterious new student, Stefan Salvatore. Elena has no way of knowing that Stefan is a vampire struggling to live peacefully among humans, while his brother Damon is the embodiment of vampire violence and brutality
  5. Elena Gilbert and Katerina Petrova (now Katherine Pierce) are two people who look exactly alike. There main realationship is based on the mutrol love for Stefan Salvatore, who is now dating Elena but has also dated Katherine in 1864. There resambleance to each other was later reavelled in Season..
  6. In a TV Guide article, Dobrev talks about the chances of her character Elena rekindling her romance with Stefan even though she's in love with Damon. Elena will be clued in to Stefan being in danger through the power of love. She has this weird feeling something is going on

Oct 02, 2014 · Season 3 of the series focuses on the undeniable chemistry between Damon and Elena. Though Stefan is still very much in the picture (despite a rough patch with his lady love), Elena finds herself. The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale: Julie Plec Talks Huge Stefan Twist, [Spoiler] as a Human and Season 5 By by Tierney Bricker | Thu., May. 16, 2013 6:00 P May Visa Bulletin is out. EB3 ROW and Philippines seem to have moved by 1 year. Recent discussions have indicated that both the Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) and the Department of Labor still have a significant amount of cases in their backlog reduction efforts The hit CW series's showrunner Julie Plec and the show's stars Joseph Morgan and Nina Dobrev broke down the Vampire Diaries finale and shared what's to come in Season 5. Silas Is The New Stefan Vampire Diaries Memes Vampire Diaries Seasons Vampire Diaries The Originals Damon Quotes Elena Damon Tvd Season 6 Candice Accola Stefan Salvatore Vampire Academy I don't have a favorite part. I would love everything about being a vampire.. everything heightend sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing I would even love to feed