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  1. ate aerial and mortar attacks by government forces added to the civilian toll. Both the Taliban and government forces have increasingly used schools for military purposes
  2. In late 2016, the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) investigated 5,575 cases, noting that most cases of violence against women go unreported. A long-standing effort to reform.
  3. imal to non-existent in some areas of the country..
  4. Human Rights in Afghanistan Today: Dreams and Realities. The terms human rights and women rights are very popular and common but they are often matters of jest for many blue-collar workers and a matter of arm-chair liberalism for the more educated white-collar workers. At times, it is considered a popular fundraising issue

Background. Allegations of ill-treatment and torture continue to surface and the Afghan Local Police (ALP) stands accused of rape, theft and extortion. The rights to freedom of expression and association of media and political parties, hailed as one of Afghanistan's clear human rights successes since 2001 are increasingly being challenged again Untiring service for human rights: Sima Samr served as Minister of Women's Affairs of Afghanistan from 2001 to 2003. She was forced into resignation from her post after she was threatened with death for questioning conservative Islamic laws

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Afghanistan 2017/2018. Human rights defenders received threats from both state and non-state actors; journalists faced violence and censorship. Death sentences continued to be imposed; five people were executed in November. Members of the Hazara minority group and Shi'a continued to face harassment and increased attacks, mainly by armed insurgent groups Afghanistan and UN Treaty Bodies. Report of the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions - follow-up to country recommendations: Afghanistan (A/HRC/17/28/Add.6) Report of the Working Group on the use of mercenaries as a means of violating human rights and impeding the exercise of the right of peoples to..

Human rights is a priority issue for UNAMA. UNAMA's Human Rights Unit, as part of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, pursues an overall strategy to ensure the protection and promotion of human rights in Afghanistan or human rights everywhere all the time for everyone in support of all Afghan people Dismantling Human Rights in Afghanistan: The AIHRC facing a possible downgrading of status. As it stands, the Commission is facing a downgrading of status and concurrent loss of reputation, as well as a loss of funding, all of which would severely impede its ability to work at a time when an independent, credible,..

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) reported that tampering with mass grave sites hampered independent investigations of the Jowzjan Province mass grave site, which allegedly contained the remains of 2,000 Taliban fighters killed during conflict in 2001 Six Important Facts About Human Rights in Afghanistan Armed conflict continues between Taliban and government forces, leaving human rights in Afghanistan a ravaged victim to the ongoing violence. The crisis has escalated and become a significant recipient of foreign aid

Human Rights Watch provided a report on human rights events in Afghanistan in 2006 and gloomily summarised that by late 2006 Afghanistan was on the precipice of again becoming a haven for human rights abusers, criminals, and militant extremists, many of whom in the past have severely abused Afghans, particularly women and girls, and threatened. AFGHANISTAN 2015 HUMAN RIGHTS REPORT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Afghanistan is an Islamic republic with a strong, directly elected presidency, a bicameral legislative branch, and a judicial branch. Presidential and provincial elections held in 2014 were marred by allegations of fraud that led to an audit of all ballot boxes The Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organisation (AHRDO) was established in early 2009 by Afghan human rights and civil society activists with a strong commitment to work with the most marginalised sectors of society. AHRDO is committed to the promotion of democracy, non-violence and human rights in Afghanistan an Aug. 18, 2015 — JALALABAD, Afghanistan (August 17, 2015) - U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Mitchell Chitwood knows that a major, but often overlooked, key to success in the fight against insurgents in Afghanistan is adherence to human rights

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The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission was established pursuant to the Bonn Agreement (5 December 2001) and on the basis of the decree of the Chairman of the Interim Administration, June 6, 2002, and resolution 134/48 of the United Nations General Assembly in 1993 and the Paris principles and on the basis of article 58 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Afghanistan is a signatory to several international human rights instruments and protection mechanisms - the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms.

Human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch and the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom have expressed concern at women's rights in the country. Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security ranks Afghanistan as one of the worst countries for women The United Nation Human Rights Council (HRC) kicked off its Universal Periodic Review, or UPR, on Monday at the Palais des Nations in Geneva to examine the human rights situation in 14 countries, including Afghanistan and Yemen

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  1. ority by pro-government forces
  2. orities. They also talked about the political future of Afghanistan
  3. Afghanistan has failed to remedy a series of chronic human rights abuses ranging from the torture of prisoners by security forces to brutal mistreatment of women, Human Rights Watch said in a.
  4. Afghanistan holds a full record of enduring human rights violations. The widespread of which began with the 1973 coup d'état that withdrew the Afghan monarchy. Communist governments have massively slaughtered and collectively executed political opponents
  5. human rights microsoft excel news human rights violations afghanistan. how the other half fights. North Korea announces test of new 'tactical guided weapon' April 17, 2019 at 07:33 PM

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In war-torn Afghanistan it is not the Taliban that poses the greatest threat to women - it is their own families. 03 Jul 2015 10:08 GMT Human Rights, International Women's Day, Afghanistan, Asia. It is based on field research, extensive interviews with government figures, civil society activists, key justice and human rights actors in Afghanistan, desk research from primary and secondary sources, and consultations with the Afghan diaspora and members of the international community Afghanistan 2018-2020: Candidate for the UN Human Rights Council. Hence, Afghanistan has the potential and necessary experience to serve as a member and assist the UNHRC in achieving its goals and objectives. Click here to read Afghanistan 2018-2020: Candidate for the Human Rights Council. A South Asia human rights organisation in a strongly worded press release, expressed frustration with the International Criminal Court (ICC) for its failure to investigate war crimes and other human rights violations in Afghanistan committed by the Taliban, US, Afghan and other international forces

Significant challenges to human rights situation in Afghanistan. However, the human rights dimension of poverty is rarely a subject of concern in policy circles and most actors see poverty solely in economic terms. Discrimination and exclusion, lack of accountability, non-transparent and unaccountable governance,.. Human rights in Afghanistan The situation of Human Rights in Afghanistan is a topic of some controversy and conflict. While the Taliban were well known for numerous human rights abuses, several human rights violations continue to take place in the post-Taliban government era.[citation needed Human Rights Violations in Afghanistan. The Human Rights Watch has been reporting about the situation in Afghanistan and has been encouraging people to go and help the people. They stated that the situation in Afghanistan is indeed getting better, especially for women and children (Barr). Countries around the world,.. Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission's Message on occasion of the International Day of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (December 3, 2017) November 04 / 2014 Press releas Civil Liberties, Human Rights Afghan Women's Red Lines For Peace As the Afghan politicians preparing to hold the second round of face-to-face talks with Taliban in Doha, Qatar, concerns are rising among many ordinary Afghans, particularly women, against whom many restricted rules were imposed by the Taliban when the group was in power in.

Until 2017, the US mission in Afghanistan tracked human rights violations by security forces in the Central Asian country using an ad hoc system of Excel spreadsheets, which were liable to being lost or deleted, Task & Purpose has revealed The institute was closely involved in establishing the AIHRC, which, like DIHR, is a national human rights institution. The AIHRC holds the state accountable to its international human rights obligations, monitors the human rights situation in Afghanistan and protects human rights defenders Human rights in Afghanistan. The situation of Human Rights in Afghanistan is a topic of some controversy and conflict. While the Taliban were well known for numerous human rights abuses, several human rights violations continue to take place in the post-Taliban government era.[citation needed] Post Taliban human rights instruments, there remains much ignorance and resistance. to human rights from within the central and provincial government. Unfortunately, the international community and the UN have. been generally ineffective in promoting human rights in Afghanistan A human rights group on Monday called for an inquiry into reports that as many as 300 Shiite Muslim civilians were recently massacred by Afghanistan's ruling Taliban in the central province of Bamian

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Midyear Report 2016 - Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict - July 2016 English (pdf). Education and healthcare at risk - April 2016 English (pdf). Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on the situation of human rights in Afghanistan and on the achievements of technical assistance in the field of human rights in 201 With over 3,800 civilian women, children and men killed in just one year, Afghanistan has hit yet another deeply disturbing and wholly unacceptable record, according to a new report issued on Sunday by the UN political mission in the country and the UN human rights office Baroness Warsi is a Senior Minister of State at the Foreign Office with responsibility for Afghanistan and human rights. In July we handed her some 19,000 signatures, calling for the UK to actively protect women's rights in Afghanistan. </p>Baroness Warsi blogs here on how the UK Government can help realise these rights in the future

Detained and Denied in Afghanistan 11 Human Rights First. USFOR-A must approve the transfer or release. For non- Afghans being held at the U.S. prison in Afghanistan, the Deputy Secretary of Defense or his designee makes the final decision if the DRB recommends their transfer outside of Afghanistan Human Rights and the Taliban. One is, in the years between '89 and today, the U.S. continued to expand humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and was among the largest, if not the largest donor during those years. The second thing is that I think it's a myth that the U.S. somehow created the existence of the Taliban

PHR has been investigating human rights violations in Afghanistan since 1997. We have used our forensics expertise to press the government and support civil society to investigate mass atrocities and other human rights abuses in order to heal the nation and create a more stable society Advocating for human rights for the people of Afghanistan. Find out the latest news and how you can be involved on this site

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The latest annual report on Afghanistan from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights found that despite efforts to improve the situation in Afghanistan, human rights remains elusive for the people due to the ongoing conflict Rule of Law Specialist Scott Worden testified on Capitol Hill on March 26, 2009 on the issue of Human Rights in Afghanistan. A former adviser to the U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan on human rights and elections issues, Worden helped the U.S. Helsinki Commission examine the current state of. Assists in the mapping of information for human-rights activities including inter alia mapping of local authorities civil society representatives and institutions local human rights actors including defenders as well as sources of human rights information that shall serve for collecting and verifying human rights information monitoring. For today's election, UN Watch opposes Afghanistan's candidacy for the UN Human Rights Council. Click here for full report. Afghanistan's Human Rights Record Afghanistan commits serious human rights violations, including: Indiscriminate attacks on civilians by armed groups Killing of government officials by armed groups Torture and abuse of detainees by government forces Disregard for.

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  1. The Taliban are now notorious for their human rights abuses. The group emerged in 1994 after years of conflict. Many of their members were former Mujahideen fighter who had been trained in Pakistan during Afghanistan's civil war in the '80s and '90s. They came together with the aim of making Afghanistan an Islamic state
  2. Not for nothing: The fight to improve human and women's rights in Afghanistan International human rights lawyer and activist Georgette Gagnon spent five years in Afghanistan and saw first-hand the contribution made by Canadians
  3. Afghanistan has accomplished many practical achievements in the field of human rights, particularly since the fall of the Taliban regime in late 2001. Yet, there are many challenges ahead that can be overcome through collective efforts and effective international cooperation
  4. Like Afghanistan. Although human rights cases make up thirty percent of all her cases, the international attorney does not call herself a human rights lawyer but, instead, an investor in human rights. I encourage other lawyers and business to invest in human rights. You can be a business owner and invest in human rights

Afghan human rights, women's rights and civil society organisations and networks publish today an open letter to Ms. Navy Pillay, UN Human Rights Commissioner and draw her attention to serious human rights violations and offer detailed recommendations to the Government of Afghanistan and the International Criminal Court This section focuses primarily upon the rights of women and children and abuses by the Taliban. Attempts to address many human rights issues are made through international and constitutional law. For further reading, an in-depth review of articles in Constitutional Law (section 4) may be useful Women for Afghan Women provides life-saving and life-changing services, education, and advocacy for women and children across Afghanistan and New York who have endured human rights violations, including forced and underage marriage, attempted honor killings, domestic violence, ba'ad (custom of females exchanged in compensation for a crime), rape, forced prostitution, unlawful. The civilian population of Afghanistan has suffered many human rights abuses. Lasting peace and stability will not be achieved unless those who wield power respect the fundamental human rights of all Afghanistan's tribal, ethnic and social groups, including women

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The Elimination of Women's Rights . Upon seizing power, the Taliban regime instituted a system of gender apartheid effectively thrusting the women of Afghanistan into a state of virtual house arrest. Under Taliban rule women were stripped of all human rights - their work, visibility, opportunity for education, voice, healthcare, and mobility Afghanistan: Don't trade away women's human rights Index: ASA 11/007/2011 Amnesty International October 2011 7 Women human rights defenders trying to provide access to education and health for women and girls in areas controlled or influenced by Taleban insurgents are particularly at risk. The danger is not only to th

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Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, Afghanistan Independent Bar Association, United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danish Institute of Human Rights, National Legal Training Centre Herat, UNDP Chief Technical Advisor: Dr. Doel Mukerjee Head of Rule of Law Unit: Dawn Del Ri justice and human rights in afghanistan (jhra) project 2013 second quarterly project progress report united nations development programm Afghanistan has endured a quarter century of brutal wars during which human rights have been violated systematically by the occupying forces, the various regimes in power and the insurgent groups. The war on terror unleashed by the US promised a new dawn. But the Operation Enduring Freedom has. Human Rights Defenders. Afghanistan continues to be a hazardous operating environment for human rights defenders (HRDs), who face difficult and dangerous challenges in many parts of the country where legal protection and constitutional privileges have limited effect

Afghanistan has been taking important steps towards building a stable, lawful, and democratic state. However, it still faces a legacy of egregious human rights violations com-mitted in the context of more than two decades of armed conflict. Rule of law and protec-tion of human rights remains fragile. Human rights defenders and civil society leader THE HAGUE, Netherlands -- The International Criminal Court prosecutor asked judges Monday to authorize an investigation into reported human rights abuses in Afghanistan, including allegations of. Apr 01, 2014 · Human rights in Afghanistan: will Karzai face up to the legacy of abuse? After decades of conflict, the call for transitional justice has fallen on deaf ears, but it will be crucial for a peaceful. HRW - Human Rights Watch World Report 2019 - Afghanistan As military operations by insurgents, international, and government forces in Afghanistan intensified in 2018, insurgent attacks in urban areas sharply increased Human Rights and Economic Freedom in Afghanistan by David E. Shellenberger on September 21, 2015 It was an honor to make a presentation via Skype to the Human Rights Club of the Afghanistan Economic & Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) on September 5 th , 2015

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  1. ed the current state of human rights in Afghanistan, a Partner for Cooperation of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). While some progress has been made, rule of law and protection of human rights remains fragile
  2. New York Times admission of Afghanistan fiasco provokes human rights imperialist backlash By Bill Van Auken 9 February 2019 An editorial published by the New York Times on February 4 titled.
  3. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said the conclusions of the report, issued on the first anniversary of Afghanistan's accession to the Convention Against Torture's.
  4. Human rights work in a conflict zone: Julieta's insights from Afghanistan Deciding to work in a conflict zone is a tough choice. On the one hand, recent graduates often become frustrated with office jobs, feeling like they are not making any actual changes for the betterment of the lives of those whose human rights are endangered
  5. AFGHANISTAN: Lack of institutional mechanisms to tackle human trafficking. The traffickers mostly exploit their victims in the regional [labour] markets, said Paktiawal. An official at Afghanistan 's Ministry of Foreign Affairs also confirmed that hundreds of young Afghans are annually trafficked to Saudi Arabia ,..
  6. The Afghanistan Commission for Human Rights, founded in 1997 after discussions with Taliban authorities on Islamic aspects of human rights, also started activities in Pakistan in 1998, focused on the plight of Afghan prisoners in Pakistani prisons and on children's rights
  7. Afghan Human Rights Research and Advocacy Organization. Their vision for Afghanistan is to see a society based on democracy and the rule of law in accordance with human rights; a society where all people are aware of their rights and dare to claim them through the rule of law

The Act provided special immigrant visas (SIVs) to Afghans who had worked for at least one year as translators or interpreters, or who were employed by, or on behalf of, the U.S. government in Afghanistan, and whose lives were threatened because of their work in support of the U.S. mission Islamic Republic of Afghanistan The Constitution 9. Chapter Two: Fundamental Rights and Duties of Citizens. Article Twenty-Two Any kind of discrimination and distinction between citizens of Afghanistan shall be forbidden. The citizens of Afghanistan, man and woman, have equal rights and duties before the law As aid money dwindles, international governments must prioritise support and resources to women human rights defenders in insecure and volatile areas of the country. The international community also has a crucial role to play, and must not abandon Afghanistan or those who put their lives on the line for human rights Afghanistan and the Taliban, London: Hurst & Co. 1998, pp 167-81. Godson, P. Larry, Afghanistan's Endless War-State Failure, Regional Politics, and the Rise of the Taliban, University of Washington Press (2001) Human Rights Watch, Afghanistan: The Massacre in Mazar-i-Sahrif, Human Rights Watch, Vol. 10, (7) 1998 The Danish Institute for Human Rights assisted to develop The Civil Society and Human Rights Network in Afghanistan From 2002 to 2014 The Afghanistan Civil Society and Human Rights Network (CSHRN) grew to become the largest operating civil society network in Afghanistan, with 164 member organisations covering 26 of 34 provinces in the country

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A minimum of five years of progressively responsible experience in human rights and relevant professional experience, particularly on issues of protection of civilians, violence against women, prohibition of torture and/or transitional justice and human rights monitoring is required. Previous experience in Afghanistan is preferred Afghanistan's international human rights commitments, monitor implementation of international conventions and provide human rights training to government officials. Work on the Rule of Law Indicator Study (ROLIS), which is to provide a baseline for the justice sector i Maintaining and protection the human rights can be possible only in presence of rule of law and the best celebration from the World Human Rights Day is to make further effort towards rule of law in the country. Maintaining of human rights in particular the rights of women and children should be in top priorities of judicial organs This position is located within the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA). The Human Rights Officer will be based in Kabul and reports to the Principal Human Rights Officer, Human Rights Service. The Human Rights Officer will support the work of human rights team in Kabul. Responsibilities. Summary of dutie UNDP's Justice and Human Rights in Afghanistan (JHRA) project focuses on bolstering the credibility of the State justice system, while recog-nizing that Afghanistan's tra-ditional justice system plays a major role in resolving con-flicts though, at times, in viola-tion of international human rights obligations

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Commentary and archival information about women in Afghanistan from The New York Times. News about women in Afghanistan. NYTimes.com no longer supports Internet Explorer 9 or earlier Human Rights Education in Afghan School System AHmAd NAdER NAdERy T he three decades of war and rule by governments guided by ideology (com-munism and socialism) or religion (radical Islam) seriously affected the educa-tion system in Afghanistan .those who went through the formal educatio The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) says that human rights violation cases in the country have increased by two times as compared to last year. As a member of parliament, Mir Ahmad Joyenda, told the Independent, The commanders, the war criminals, still have armed groups. They're in the government Women's Health and Human Rights in Afghanistan [Physicians for Human Rights] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Physicians for Human Rights' timely report Women's Health and Human Rights in Afghanistan is based on a groundbreaking survey of more than

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It is shocking there are so many, Abdul Wadood Pedram of the Human Rights and Eradication of Violence Organization said, as cited by The AP, noting that in some instances, whole villages had given statements. It shows how the justice system in Afghanistan is not bringing justice for the victims and their families Jan 23, 2018 · Jan. 23 (UPI) --The U.S. agency overseeing Afghanistan reconstruction said in a report Tuesday that the State and Defense Departments skirted U.S. human rights laws by financially backing Afghan. human rights in relief and recovery efforts; and • Propose concrete mechanisms to ensure the realization of human rights in Afghanistan. Methods/Outputs. A human rights assessment team will collect both quantitative and qualitative data on human rights, in particular the rights to food, health and education ‏‎Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission‎‏ خبرنامه با اشتراک در خبرنامه, تازه ترین مطالب سایت را در ایمیل تان دنبال کنی Afghanistan ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1994, which sets a minimum age of marriage of 18, and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women in 2003, which obligates states to ensure free and full consent to marriage

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- The Afghan constitution clearly emphasizes the role and responsibility of the government and President to protect Afghan citizens' human rights. Afghanistan is party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights. Effective protection of the human rights of Afghani citizens is the responsibility of the Afghan state Transitional justice and human rights in Afghanistan* BARNETT R. RUBIN Since the defeat of the Taleban and signing of the Bonn Agreement on 5 December 2001, Afghanistan has begun what many hope will turn out to be a transition from war to peace, from chaos to order, from an unjust order and unjust disorder to a new kind of order, where all may seek justice and live in security

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  1. The conference was a huge success and widely acclaimed throughout Afghanistan. After numerous requests, Afghan Institute of Learning has begun holding workshops for students where they can reconnect with the poets of their past and share ideas about responsibility, justice, human rights, ethics and bringing peace to Afghanistan
  2. U.S. command in Afghanistan will focus on human rights after a U.S. airstrike killed 22 and after reports of covering up sexual abuse
  3. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has said the CIA's brutal interrogation programme violated all accepted norms of human rights in the world. He is among many world leaders condemning how the agency.
  4. g respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without regard to race, sex, language, or religion

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, Kabul, Afghanistan. 63K likes. ‎تمام ابنای بشر آزاد زاده شده و در حرمت و حقوق باهم برابرند This report is the result of the monitoring conducted by the Human Rights Field Monitoring (HRFM) team of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) on the state of economic and social rights in Afghanistan. AIHRC regional and provincial field staff members have accepted many risks, including physical security, t

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