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Book a tour in Dachau. Book online for the best tours at the best prices Find Exclusive Deals on Sightseeing Tours in Dachau and Save Big Tour Brochure. Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site published a new brochure titled Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. A Tour. It will offer visitors information at twenty stations on the grounds and in the exhibitions, as well as six additional stations in the environs of the Memorial Site. Read more. Our Dachau Tour. We believe that coming on our tour is the best way to visit the former concentration camp. Our guides are officially authorised and accredited by the memorial site. We will take you to the former concentration camp by train (approx. 10mins) and then deliver a comprehensive and respectful tour before bringing you safely back to. Full day Dachau Tour with Memorial Qualified Guides. The Dachau Concentration Camp was the first permanent camp built by the Nazi Party of Germany. It opened on March 22nd 1933, only 2 months after Adolf Hitler's rise to power and liberated on April 29th 1945

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Unfortunately website domains, email contacts and even phone numbers for tour companies are not listed on TA anymore! Furthermore I'm unable to post a reply with my website or email contact. I would encourage all guests to google In Their Shoes Dachau Memorial Tours to gain access to the website. Hopefully you managed to contact me. Sincerely. Prices for adults, students and children for the Dachau tour. Prices for adults, students and children for the Dachau tour. Home When and Where Private Tours. The Dachau Concentration Camp Tour is insightful, knowledgeable and thought-provoking. It's a deeply moving experience that you will never forget. Completely organized Dachau tour from Munich. With our Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site Tour, you will get a fully organized day trip to Dachau from Munich The name Dachau resonates with people from all over the world. The name is synonymous with the concentration camp system, and is associated with the worst atrocities and brutal crimes carried out by the Nazi regime between 1933-45

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Dachau is a small suburb of Munich with a number of worthwhile attractions. Among the beauty and small-town feel, it was the ghostly Nazi concentration camp that has really put Dachau on the tourist map TOUR MEETING POINT. Our group tour meet at the centrally located Marienplatz underneath the tower of the Old Town Hall. You will find your guide holding a Dachau Tour sign. Underneath the tower you will see the Spielzeug Museum and a statue of Juliet. This location is very easy to find and easily accessible from all over Munich

The price of our InMunich Private Dachau Tour depends on the number of guests wishing to attend, as the tour involves a 50 minute travel to and from the Memorial Site using a train and a bus and we need to factor in the travel costs. €250.00 for 1 to 4 guests. €270.00 for 5 to 9 guests. €290.00 for 10-14 guests. €310.00 for 15-19 guests Dachau was liberated by the Allied Forces in April 1945, and according to documents there were more than 30,000 deaths that had taken place in the camp over the years. Below is a list of 12 of the best tours of Dachau. 1. Munich and Nazi History Combo Day-Tour Visit the memorial site at Dachau on a half-day tour from Munich. Learn about the history and workings of the former concentration camp, and explore the surviving buildings and museum. Take a 5-hour tour of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial, a place of memory and of education. To visit it can.

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  1. g town of Dachau was known for the remains of a 16th-Century château and its 18th-Century facades. However, in 1933, that changed
  2. Lee has never gone on a high quality professional tour, so not sure why he puts them down all the time. A good tour guide will spend immense amounts of time learning about their subject. For Dachau they will have spent time with survivors, and have personal stories to tell. We used Dark History for Munich, Dachau and Regensburg
  3. Book the most popular Tours in Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. Best price and money back guarantee! Read the reviews of your fellow travelers
  4. Take a guided tour of a former concentration camp in Dachau before visiting a former SS shooting range in Hebertshausen on this day trip from Munich. 6.5 Hours
  5. Dachau Memorial Concentration Camp Tours with In their shoes - Dachau Memorial Tours. During your time in Munich we highly recommend that you visit the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial. While you can certainly visit the Dachau memorial on your own, a great way to see the memorial and learn about what really happened in this and other camps.
  6. It is located on the grounds of an abandoned munitions factory northeast of the medieval town of Dachau, about 16 km (10 mi) northwest of Munich in the state of Bavaria, in southern Germany
  7. The prisoners of Dachau concentration camp originally were to serve as forced labor for a munition factory, and to expand the camp. It was used as a training center for the SS-Totenkopfverbände guards and was a model for other concentration camps. The camp was about 300 m × 600 m (1,000 ft × 2,000 ft) in rectangular shape

I encourage you to read Leslie Schwartz's (featured in this video) book for his accurate and captivating account Surviving the Hell of Auschwitz and Dachau.. Dachau and Third Reich Combined Day Tour. Why not combine the Dachau and Third Reich tours in a full day Nazi and WW2 history tour, and save on the combined price. A fantastic opportunity for history enthusiasts and the generally curious to learn and experience this dark period in world history..

The tour includes the most important stations, which can then later be found when touring the memorial site in person. An introduction to the current exhibitions can be found under Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site/Exhibitions. Visitors should clear three hours time for a complete tour of the memorial site This is popular! 266 travellers have booked this experience. Adam is a fantastic tour guide. Thanks to Adam for a great tour to Dachau. This trip is not for the faint hearted but you really feel you are getting an accurate and thorough account of activities in the concentration camp from Adam. He is.

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I recently went on a free walking tour, beer tour and Dachau concentration camp tour with Sandemans New Europe in Munich. Strongly recommend the Dachau tour - our guide Lisa was fantastic, very knowledgable and informative - one of the best tours I've ever done with Sandemans. See more review 1/5 Feb 18, 2019. I had along with my family the tour of Dachau concentration camp. Our tour guide, Silvina was great and I'd say she was the ONLY person in your staff who made this tour enjoyable

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  1. The Dachau Tour, Munich: See 196 reviews, articles, and 143 photos of The Dachau Tour, ranked No.19 on TripAdvisor among 149 attractions in Munich
  2. A visit to Dachau is definitely a must but I'm so glad we booked onto the tour and didn't just go ourselves. The tour guide, Jamie, was great. He definitely knew his stuff and was really friendly answering any questions that you had
  3. Note: We are officially qualified and authorized by the Dachau Memorial site to conduct tours at the site, unlike some other operators who only provide an escort service and audio guide. Please consider this when deciding which company to join

Book the best local Dachau tours, activities and home dinners. Trusted customer reviews. Easy online booking. Skip the tourist traps & explore Dachau like a local Know More about this tour. Join up with your guide and group at Munich Central Train Station (Hauptbahnhof), and then travel by train and bus (transport costs included) to Dachau concentration camp Memorial Site, just under an hour away Radius Tours offers a three-hour tour of Dachau starting at the train station.All transportation costs are included. It spares no detail, including information about medical experiments on prisoners, mass executions of prisoners-of-war and Dachau's role as a way station for Jewish prisoners en route to gas chambers Our tour of Europe ended with a two day stay in Munich, Germany. The main thing we wanted to visit in Munich was the Dachau concentration camp. Munich, described in one of our tour book Dachau Memorial Tour. The Dachau Concentration Camp was used by the Nazis as a model camp, and was the first concentration camp opened in Germany shortly after they achieved power. Now, visiting the memorial grounds leaves a powerful impression on this very dark chapter of Germany's history

Visiting Dachau A Brief Tour of Munich Review: Hilton Munich Airport. I must admit I was originally a little hesitant about visiting Dachau, a former Nazi concentration camp. I was concerned the horror of what had occurred there would be too overwhelming. But I decided it was something important I needed to do and I'm very glad I visited Our visit to Dachau was the culmination of our week-long tour of sites. It is such a sobering reminder of what can happen and still happens in our world. I cried, my guts were tied in a knot, but don't we all need to experience these memorial sites so we all help ensure..never again

Todd, I took a tour with Radius Tours to visit Dachau, and thought it was a good value. You'll still use public transport, but having a Guide along was good as we talked about the history and so on before reaching Dachau Accompanied by an English-speaking guide, you will take a short train ride to Dachau train station located 18 kilometres north-west of Munich. From the train station you will embark on a short bus journey to the Dachau Memorial. On arrival, you will be guided on a tour of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial in the little town of Dachau. The. Develop nuanced insights into Germany's WW II history during a guided tour of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. Honor the past and pick up information about Germany's current truth and reconciliation processes during your comprehensive experience of this Holocaust memorial site

Private Dachau Memorial Tour. The Dachau Concentration Camp was used by the Nazis as a model camp, and was the first concentration camp opened in Germany shortly after they achieved power. Now, visiting the memorial grounds leaves a powerful impression on this very dark chapter of Germany's history This memorable 4-hour Accessible Guided Tour to Dachau is a combination of a driving tour and a walking tour. You won't have to worry about walking/strolling long distances, but you still get to exit the vehicle and experience the historic Dachau Concentration Camp site firsthand.It does include step free access A very detailed tour conducted by a WW2 historian. | I will give you a detailed objective tour of the site. Dachau was the only camp open for the whole duration of the Third Reich and was the training center for many of the people that were to become infamous in the following years, such as Rudolf Hoess (Future commandant of Auschwitz) Located ten miles northwest of Munich, Dachau was the first Nazi concentration camp and served as the prototype for all the future labor and extermination camps to follow. Through a film and self-guided audio tour you will be given The Dachau Tour is a popular tourist destination in Munich. Read reviews and explore The Dachau Tour tours to book online, find entry tickets price and timings, opening hours, address, nearby attractions and more!

Half-Day Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site Walking Tour with a Local.. The Dachau Memorial has no specific information designed for children and our tour is catered specifically for adults. We no longer accept children aged 9 or below on our Dachau Tours, but children from 10 to 14 are welcome on the basis that the parents attend the tour with the child and that they understand the graphic nature of the tour content The concentration camp of Dachau, 10 miles northwest of Munich, was one of the first concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Built in March 1933, shortly after Adolf Hitler was appointed as Reich Chancellor, Dachau would serve as a model for all subsequent concentrations camps in the Third Reich Things to do in Munich! Book Buy direct from the world's most trusted sightseeing brand, Gray Line. Munich tours, Munich sightseeing, activities in Munich, Munich day tours, Munich attractions, Munich transfers, Munich bus tours, Munich day trips, and much more

Visiting Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. If you are planning on visiting Dachau Concentration Camp, note that more than a tourist attraction, this is a memorial site! Please act accordingly and pay respect to everyone who died and suffered there. Without the tour, visiting Dachau Concentration Camp is free Dachau Concentration Camp. Dachau Concentration Camp was opened in 1933 as the Nazi Party's first regular concentration camp. You will visit an exhibit that recounts the terrifying and gruesome days of the Holocaust. You'll also watch a video of the history of the camp, including special presentations depicting some notable prisoners Third Reich & Dachau Memorial Tours Learn about Hitler's rise to power and how WWI & WWII affected life in Munich and impacted the outcome of world events in this unique tour. We offer in-depth tours of Third Reich history in Munich as well as Bavarian State-Qualified guided tours of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial nearby Overview. TRANSPORTATION INCLUDED Children under 14 years of age are not allowed on this tour as it is required by the Dachau memorial. The only concentration camp that remained open for 12 years of the Nazi regime The Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site is well worth visiting, although it can inspire discomfort: not merely for Germans (What did your Grossvater do in the war?), but also for foreign tourists who may find themselves thinking of Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and enhanced interrogation techniques such as waterboarding as they tour the camp and its torture cells

Download your guide to Dachau as PDF. Dachau Concentration Camp - Memorial Site. The first Nazi concentration camp and former prototype for later camps is now the Dachau Memorial Site (established in 1965). This is the best maintained camp, and therefore it is well worth the trip Weekly guided tours (German language only) May through Oct. , Saturday at 11 a.m. Start: Rathausplatz in front of the Rathaus (town hall), Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 2- Guided tour (licenced guide) through the former Concentration Camp Memorial Site and former SS-Shooting Range Roundtrip transport between Munich, Dachau and Hebertshausen via air-conditioned coach Information and accompaniment from a licensed and qualified guid Private sightseeing tour Introduction: The Dachau Memorial Tour will raise your awareness for the fatal consequences of the Nazi tyranny and for the suffering of millions who were persecuted politically or racially during the Third Reich The story of Dachau, as told to tourists The Gas Chamber. Tour group at Baracke X, the gas chamber building. Visitors enter the Baracke X building, shown in the photo above, through a door on the south side and proceed through the waiting room, and then the undressing room before entering the gas chamber

Enjoy this half day tour of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial site. Dachau was the first Nazi concentration camp in Germany during the II World War and the Holocaust. It was a model for all other camps. This is why it is a great tour to get to know this historical monument Answer 1 of 2: I read on Dachau website that they offer free English tours 11am and 1pm daily. Has anyone recently taken one of these tours verses the commercial tours that are sold by outside companies For over ten years we have led fully licensed and authorized tours to the memorial site at the former Concentration Camp at Dachau. We will take a winter break from Jan 3rd to Mar 24th 2019 KZ Dachau was the Academy of Terror You can find this Tour in english here. All English-language tours available at English Tours. Details of the..

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A 4 hour fully guided tour (6 hours including transportation) to the Dachau Memorial Site. Dachau was the first permanent camp built by the Nazi Party. It opened on March 22nd, 1933, only 2 months after Adolf Hitler's rise to power and liberated on April 29th, 1945 Dachau Day Tour includes transportation in air-conditioned motorcoach, and visit to the former Dachau Concentration Camp and SS Shooting Range Documents, photographs, and links to sites about the Dachau concentration camp, 1933-1945, and memorial site, 1945-2004. Created by history professor Harold Marcuse, author of Legacies of Dachau: The Uses and Abuses of a Concentration Camp, 1933-2001

Dachau, founded in 1933, was the first concentration camp, a model camp, a training ground for wannabe camp commandants who studied such subjects as crowd control and torture. The camp at Dachau was built to hold 5,000, but on Liberation Day the American GIs found 30,000 packed inside its walls Con el paso del tiempo en Dachau se fue incrementando la violencia hasta que en 1941 comenzó a utilizarse con propósitos de exterminio, convirtiendose en un campo de referencia y en un modelo a replicar. Por el campo pasaron más de 200.000 prisioneros de los cuales más de 40.000 fueron asesinados. Itinerario del tour Dachau today is a place to learn about our history, while paying respect to the innocent people who suffered and lost their lives. Tips for Visiting the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial. Location: The Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial is located in the town of Dachau, about 16 km northwest of Munich in the state of Bavaria In December 2015, I took an emotional tour of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site.The camp is located 10 miles outside of Munich, Germany and was the first internment and forced labor camp constructed by the Nazi regime

Dachau is a concentration camp that was originally built in Germany in 1933 by the Nazis. It now stands as a memorial to more than 30,000 victims of the atrocities during that dark period in history. On-site there is a museum which houses depictions and mementos of the grim events that happened Europe - Auschwitz or Dachau - I am planning a trip to Munich, Germany in July. In college I learned a lot about the terrible things that (783690)Europe - Auschwitz or Dachau - I am planning a. In Their Shoes Dachau Memorial Tours, Munich: See 583 reviews, articles, and 190 photos of In Their Shoes Dachau Memorial Tours, ranked No.12 on TripAdvisor among 149 attractions in Munich Dachau is part of Munich's public transport network MVV. To get to Dachau, you have to take S-Bahn line S2, which brings you to Dachau station, close to the center of town. Most city buses stop at the station, including those which take you to the Concentration Camp Memorial Site. By tour The Dachau Memorial serves as a public reminder of the atrocities of WW2. Learn more about the context of concentration camps during the war and their lasting impact with a day tour to Dachau

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In Their Shoes - Dachau Memorial & City Tours is located in Munich. Arrange your visit to In Their Shoes - Dachau Memorial & City Tours and discover more family-friendly attractions in Munich using our Munich tour itinerary maker app Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site Guided Tour. During our visit to Munich in September 2010 we took the Dachau Concentration Camp tour.The cost was 19 Euros per person and included the train and bus ride to Dachau and back from Munich's main train station The story of Dachau, as told to tourists Entrance to the Dachau Memorial Site. Entrance road to former Dachau camp, May 2007. In 2005, the entrance into the Dachau Memorial site was changed so that visitors can now see a section of the brick path on which the prisoners walked as they neared the Arbeit Macht Frei gate into the prison camp

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Getting to the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial site (KZ-Gedenkstätte) is easy by train and bus from downtown München or from Munich Airport. The memorial site is in the suburb Ost Dachau, around 2 km from Dachau train station. Guided tours from Munich are easily arranged and often use public transportation too This is not a fun tour due to the sites and subject matter, but it was very informative and much better than a visit on your own. Marcin was our guide and it is obvious that he cares tremendously about his work of educating people of the horrors of what occurred at Dachau from 1933 to 1945 A Tour of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial with an officially certified guide. Tour Duration: 3 Hours. Maximum Number of People: 20. Tour Type: Walking Only. Tour Price: Price Per Group EUR €175,00. Tour Highlights: On this tour you will see the remains of the first Nazi concentration camp which served as a model for all the others The original Dachau Concentration Camp has been a memorial site and museum since 1965. A visit is commemorative, educational and a sobering experience. Dachau is the shocking legacy of the darkest part in German history dachau and third reich combined private tour In the morning I will collect you from your hotel reception and give you a detailed tour of the Dachau Memorial Site. I am a very long standing Dachau Memorial guide and over the years I have met many ex prisoners, their families and liberators

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We depart Dachau Memorial Site, driving to the old village of Dachau. The market village of Dachau housed a famous colony of painters and artists. The town dates back to 1270 AD. It will be possible to combine this tour with either pick up or driving to Munich's Franz Joseph Strauss Airport Dachau Memorial Site and Munich Day Tour from Frankfurt Travel from Frankfurt to Munich, the capital of the Bavarian region and the home of the famous festival, Oktoberfest. Explore the city and have the opportunity to visit the Dachau Memorial, a former Nazi concentration camp Our personalized learning experience engages students before, during and after tour, with the option to create a final, reflective project for academic credit. Continuous Support. Your dedicated EF team helps you every step of the way—from recruiting and enrolling travelers to planning and managing your tour. Worldwide Presenc Dachau as a memorial site was begun on the grounds of the concentration camp Dachau in 1965. This was a cooperation between the survivors (Comite Internation de Dachau and the Bavarian state). A new photo exhibition was then formed in the large horse shoe shaped building. This was refered to as the Path of the Prisoners. Poem

There are 5 ways to get from Stuttgart to Dachau by train, bus, car or plane. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio's travel planner Visit Dachau Germany. Dachau Germany is a beautiful city located just northwest of Munich. While most people make the journey to the area solely to see the Dachau Concentration Camps, they are surprised to find such a beautiful and charming Bavarian city Take a tour of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, Germany to visit historic site in Dachau. Get the Reviews, Ratings, location, contact details & timing Take a private tour of Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, the first Nazi concentration camp, on a half-day trip from Munich. Led by a certified private guide, the tour covers sites like the camp's original administration headquarters and the 'Arbeit macht frei' gateway

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The Private Dachau Memorial Site tour can be made with Public transportation or with a Private transfer. All prices include 19%MwSt (sales tax), transportation costs, Memorial Qualified Guide, 1 bottle of water for each guest and complimentary hotel pick-up from an inner city center hotel Dachau, is a city of about 43,000 citizens in Bavaria, Germany and has a history of more than 1,200 years. In former times Dachau had always been a retreat for Bavarian kings, dukes and nobility, the castle and the surrounding gardens offering a staggering view on the Alps and Munich, weather permitting Answer 1 of 6: I have two teenagers, but the younger will be only 13 years 9 months when we are in Munich. How strictly do they enforce the 14 year age in the guided tours

Did you know? In 1965, a memorial site was created on the grounds of the former Dachau concentration camp. Today, visitors can tour some of the camp's historic buildings and access a library and. Dachau - Find news stories, facts, pictures and video about Dachau - Page 1 | Newser subsidies from the German government aren't adequate for upkeep and tour guides for millions of pilgrims.

Dachau is not an easy place to visit, but it is an important place to visit. Taking one of the 2 1/2-hour tours, offered in English, is perhaps the best way to gain and overall understanding of the camp and how it worked. Between 1933 and 1945, more than 206,000 mostly male prisoners from 30 countries were imprisoned at Dachau The Dachau Concentration Camp was one of the first camps established by the Nazis in 1933. At first, the camp only housed political prisoners, but later Jews, Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals and others were sent to Dachau

Dachau Memorial Site.KZ Dachau was the first Concentration Camp of Nazi Germany, soon erected after Hitler came in power in 1933. When Hitler became Reichskanzler (chancellor) he turned the paramilitary Sturmabteilung (SA), a division of the Nazi party to protect party assemblies, into regular police, which gave them the right to arrest political enemies without any reason Escorting tours for more than 15 years I have been a travel agent half my life and then became a tour director, so I know both sides of touring. Being a Tour Director to me is not a job - it is a passion The Dachau concentration camp opened on March 22, 1933. It was the first SS-run camp for political prisoners under Hitler's regime and became a model for the many SS prison camps that followed